Troubleshooting USB Port Problems for Windows 98 

All USB drivers are included in Win98 but it is the responsibility of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to have them pre-installed and working.  You may need to contact your computers OEM if the suggestions below do not work.

After connecting the USB pedal go to Device Manager (Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.  Double click the System icon.  Click the "Device Manager" tab).  You should see two entries listed:

Human Interface Device

HID-compliant device
USB Human Interface Device

Universal Serial Bus Controllers

Intel … PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
USB Root Hub

If the Universal Serial Bus Controller is not listed in the Device Manager then contact your OEM.  This has to be on your computer and in working order for the USB foot pedal to function.  

If either entries have a question mark (?), exclamation point (!), or X next to it then they are not functioning properly. Double click on the problem entry and the Properties box will appear.  Check to make sure the box next to  “Exists in all hardware profiles” is checked.  The Device Status box will give you information concerning the problem (you can refer to this if contacting the OEM).  Next, click on the Drivers tab and “Update Driver.”  This will take you through updating the computer’s drivers.  Have your Windows 98 disc available in case Windows asks that it be put in the CD drive.  If this does not work then contact your OEM.  

If the USB foot pedal is listed as “Unknown device” then the pedal cannot be detected by your Windows version.  Double click on the “Unknown device” and then click on “Reinstall drivers.”  Have your Windows 98 disc available in case it is asked for.  If reinstalling the drivers is not successful then contact your OEM.

If the steps above do not work, you may try downloading and installing the drivers below.  This program will attempt to replace missing USB drivers from Windows 98.  Attempt this install at your own risk! 

Download USB_Win98.exe

The drivers installed by this program are listed below: